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Hello, my name is Tuğçe. I am a physics teacher at a private high school in Istanbul. i am 37 years old and have been married for 10 years, I have no children. To talk about my physical characteristics; I am 1.75 tall, I am brunette, I have plump and backward dislocated hips, a big round ass that the seers can hardly hold themselves in order not to palm, legs like columns, and despite my age, I have quite lively and big breasts. And the one who looks at my face will turn around and look again. I can say that I have the body of a 20-year-old woman because I have been doing regular sports since I was a teenager.

My husband Hakan is 37 years old, he is a very handsome and fit man, he is also very good in bed. I can’t forget the first day we had sex with him. He beat and beat me with his huge cock until morning and fucked me. He always treats me rudely in bed because he knows I like rough sex. He even fucked my ass so hard once that I had difficulty even walking when I got up in the morning. In that case, I had received a 3-day report from a Doctor friend to avoid going to school.

We both have no boundaries in bed. Anal, oral we fuck all kinds of things, and we don’t stop until we feed each other. Just as I admired his rudeness and big cock when we first fucked, he admired my oral skills. I have a lot of experience with this, as I have been licking dicks since I was 18 years old. When I caught a big and neat cock, I licked it like I was out of famine, sucked it, and didn’t stop until I melted my man. Even during my university days, I could even take the huge dick of a black man who came to our school with Erasmus in my mouth completely. You see, I am a woman with a very high libido and an incredible addiction to sex. Of course, after marrying Hakan, I have never been with another man other than him. I didn’t have such a desire either, both because my husband didn’t want to share me with anyone else, and because he made me achieve all kinds of satisfaction.

Last year, Hakan left the company where he had been working for a long time and joined another company. This company was also constantly sending him on business trips at home or abroad. These trips sometimes lasted a week or two, and I, who was used to being fucked every day, was having a hard time. When Hakan was not at home, we were calling each other on video, he was shooting 31, and I was unloading each other using my vibrator. Of course, this was not enough, and when my husband finally returned home, he fucked my pussy, ass, mouth until the morning.

As our marriage progressed, we started to get monotonous in bed. We were suppressing this monotony by constantly finding new fantasies, but all this was a temporary solution. One day we started fantasizing about having sex with someone else. While Hakan was fucking me, I was thinking that he was fucking another woman, and I was being fucked by another man, and this turned us on just like in the early days of our relationship. Of course, they only stayed in bed, and we never talked about it outside of bed. We went on like this for a while.

As for my business life, I told you that I work at a private high school. I was taking a senior’s class here. Due to the neighborhood where the school was located and the fact that the students’ families were rich, the girls hung out very comfortably. Tight clothes, tights, skirts were flying in the air. I was sure that most of them were not virgins. I was also very Junked to show off my body by wearing tight and short skirts, low-cut clothes. Without exception, all the boys in the school -including the teachers- had their eyes on me, and while this flattered me, it further increased my libido, which was high.

Sometimes in class, I deliberately dropped an eraser or chalk on the floor, walked around in front of the whole class to pick it up; I showed everyone my amazing legs, hips, ass. Sometimes when someone asked a question, I would walk up to them, bend down in line and show them my plump breasts. The more I thought that these fresh young people who had not yet come out of adolescence were mastrubating by thinking about me, pouring their sperm into me, the more my pussy was getting soggy. Sometimes they deliberately groped my ass or my breasts and made it look like it was made by mistake. I wasn’t making a lot of noise because they weren’t going forward. I kind of liked it a little bit, too. I’m sure that after touching me to his friends (I grabbed the ass of Tuğçe teacher!) they were telling it like that or something.

I was in a very difficult situation because my sex with my husband had also decreased quite a lot recently due to his travels. There was a student from the previous years named Emre in one of the senior classes. he was a handsome boy, 1.90 tall, with an athletic body. Most of the bitch girls were running after him. He was older than the others because he was enrolled late to school for a year and had already turned 18. every time he saw me, he literally fucked me with his eyes, and I was getting incredibly aroused again.

The schools had just started. The seniors were stressed because they were going to take the university exam at the end of the year. One day during recess, Emre came to me. After the introductory chapter, he opened the topic, “Teacher, you know, my physics class is not good. I also worked in the summer, but I still can’t do it. There is also an exam at the end of the year. If you have time, could you give me a private lesson?” he asked. “Sure, why not. I’m free two days a week. We can work here after class if you want!” I said, “and he agreed. We agreed for a reasonable fee…

Emre and I were now studying two days a week in one of the empty classrooms after school ended. While sitting next to each other in the queue, Emre was constantly touching me. When I sat down, he touched his legs to my legs, which were well opened, and touched my breasts with his arm. I, who have been longing for dick lately, have also been aroused by these contacts. I had no qualms about showing him my boobs in my low-cut dresses. Every time, 5-10 minutes after starting the lesson, the puffiness in Emre’s pants appeared. Although Emre wanted to hide it, he could not succeed. It was obvious that he had a pretty big dick, and my pussy was getting soggy every time I saw him. When we took a break, Emre was going to the toilet with fast steps. I was sure as hell that you were thinking about me and pulling 31. It flattered me that a young and handsome man wanted me so much.

In the evening, when I was trying to satisfy myself with a vibrator at home, I heard the door open. This could be none other than my husband Hakan. He didn’t say he was coming, so he wanted to surprise me. I immediately ran and jumped on his lap and we started kissing. We were both miserable because we hadn’t fucked in a week. I got off her lap and knelt down in front of her and pulled down her pants with a snap and took her cock in my mouth. I’m a great blowjob because I really like eating dicks. Moreover, now I’ve been licking Hakan’s dick like crazy because I’ve been dickless for a week. He would literally faint with pleasure standing up. He immediately took me to the bedroom and threw me on the bed and got into my pussy without wasting any time. We were both taking the pain out of a week without fucking.

He fucked my pussy until morning. After the third post, we collapsed into bed exhausted. I reached for Hakan’s chest. We started to talk. Hakan said, “Tuğçe, this will not be the case. I’m devastated about shooting 31 in hotel rooms. Every night when I hear the sounds of fucking coming from the next rooms, I feel like I’m going crazy!” said. “Yes, I am, too. As soon as I get home, I throw myself on the bed and hug the vibrator, but it’s not enough. My psychology is officially broken by cocklessness!I said. Hakan looked at my face for a few seconds and said, “Why don’t we fuck with other people?” said. I was so surprised. Raising my eyebrows, I looked at Hakan.

Hakan continued, “We are tormenting ourselves. Our libido is so high that we can’t stop fucking. Let’s put jealousy to one side. Besides, maybe we can spice up our sex life, which has become monotonous lately!” said. He was waiting for an answer from me now. I didn’t know what to say. It made sense when I thought about it a little. Hakan sometimes doesn’t stay at home for more than a week, and I was officially devastated. There was no point in torturing ourselves like this. Besides, there were a lot of attractive men around me that I could easily fuck myself. “Okay, it made sense to me too. If it won’t be a problem, let’s try it!I said. Hakan was relieved when he heard this answer. That night, another mail fucked me, and we cuddled up and went to sleep.

Hakan started performing as soon as he went on a business trip. Every night he took a woman to his hotel room and fucked her upside down, and then he told me about it. I was also glad that he was so relieved and happy. I haven’t decided yet who I’m going to fuck myself with.

One day they took the senior students of the school on an afternoon trip to the university. I was sitting in the teachers’ room when I realized that I had forgotten to sign the class book in one of the classes I entered in the morning. I left the teachers’ room and walked towards the classroom. When I got to the classroom door, I started hearing voices from inside. “Well done bitch, keep it up!” someone was saying, and this person was Emre. I immediately looked in through the keyhole. Emre, the most slutty girl in the school made Buse kneel in front of her, fucking her mouth. My blood was frozen, I was stuck like that. Emre was holding the girl’s hair tightly and fucking her mouth hard. So they had skipped a school trip and thrown themselves into the empty classroom where they first found themselves.

The first thing that attracted my attention was Emre’s huge dick. My mouth fell open when I saw him. It was even bigger than my husband’s, thick and neat. I didn’t know what to do. I kept watching. Emre lifted Buse to his feet and made him stand in line. In a snap, he pulled down his tights and put his dick, which was like a black cock, into the bitch’s pussy. As soon as he passed, he covered his mouth with his hand, because Buse was screaming. He had literally torn her pussy, your daughter. “Shut up, bitch, if you get us caught, I’ll fuck your ass!” he said and started fucking her pussy. I was very impressed by the ferocity of such a kind and gentle boy as Emre to this extent. He was slapping Buse’s buttocks, breasts, hanging by her hair, slapping her in the face.

Then he put Buse’s head on the line, grabbed her hair with one hand as if he was going to tear it off, brought his arm to her waist with the other hand and held it that way and continued to fuck relentlessly. Buse was trying hard not to scream. I could see the bitch’s eyes shifting with pleasure. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I started sweating and shaking. Emre, who had been fucking me with her eyes for a long time, was now busting a girl’s pussy at school, just the way I liked it.

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